How to find affordable quality makeup

How to find affordable quality makeup

When you are in a financially tight corner, part of what comes to mind is to cut down on the money allocated to makeup and toiletries. Your care products are very important, and they should not have to suffer for the financial straits you find yourself. Rather, you can shop smarter to save some money when buying cosmetics. Here are the smart-shopping ways.

Make use of what you have

If you do some research, you find that most times, you buy what you already have at home. You buy a lipstick, yet you have not finished the one at home. You buy powder but the case of your powder has barely been touched at home. Train yourself to fully use what you have before you buy another. However, if your skin is reacting badly to the products, you can stop them

Go for inexpensive products

You have to seek out brands that are not as high-luxury as you want, but whose products still work all the same. If you are looking to save money on cosmetics, it is time to put aside class and luxury. What

you need at that moment is how to get the best products at the most affordable prices.

Buy your toiletries in bulk

Buying in large quantities help you save some money as well, compared to buying in units. Wherever you are shopping, make a quick research to know which is more expensive: bulk prices or unit prices. Go for the less expensive or go to another store.

Use special offers, coupons, etc

Always take advantage of promo sales and coupons to stock up on your cosmetics. Keep a tab on the websites of your favourite brands and eCommerce stores. Watch out for the seasons these special offers come.

Try out samples

Most brands offer samples of their products before you buy. So if you are okay with their sample, you buy more of their products. Anywhere you work into and there is a free sample you would like to try out, get it and stockpile it. This way, you will not have to buy a lot of things for yourself.

Use fewer amounts of your personal care products

In all honesty, you do not need to use the whole pack of your soap or powder at once before you start seeing results. Do not follow how brands advertise their products to be used. It is a tactic for you to keep buying their product as you use more than enough every time. A little of your toothpaste, body soap, cream, etc is enough.

Settle for a brand in the family

Using different brands of products in the family takes more money than you can imagine. If there are

four people in a family, that means you will be buying four different products. Have a meeting where you explain the need to cut down costs and everyone settles for a brand. If everyone wants to have their way, you may have to take turns using everyone’s brands at different times.

Be strategic about where you buy

Do not put yourself into a box when it comes to making purchase decisions. You should know that high-budget stores will not sell anything at lesser prices, even if they are meant to be originally sold at those prices. You should be unconventional about your buying. Go to places where you will get what you want at the most reasonable prices.

Opt for Do-it-yourself products

Sometimes, all you need to do is to learn how to make your products by yourself. This will not only save you a lot of money, but you will also be sure of what you are putting on your skin. Some commercial personal care products contain harmful chemicals you do not want to expose yourself to. As such, you will have more peace when you make what you need yourself.

Buy the products you need the most

Someone who wants to cut down costs and save money does not just buy anything that catches their fancy. If you adopt the ‘buy anything you see’  culture, you will overrun your bank balance. Make an inventory of the toiletries you cannot do without and buy them. If you are in the habit of using more different brands of the same product, you should stop it and buy only one. You should also have some women accessories for special events that you can wear when you are invited to certain event that requires you to appear at your best.

Never give in to impulsive buying

Always budget the percentage you will spend on your care products and stick to it. Do not buy what you did not plan for.  Impulsive buying is a habit that impedes financial growth.

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